Compagmy Overview

Global Systems is the leading specialist in supplying Airports and Airlines with innovative IT solutions. Global systems provides a complete range of Products and Services designed to satisfy Airports and Airlines requirements and to handle day-to-day operations. Global Systems assists its customers in their strategic transformation by improving customer experience and increasing the overall performance of the Airport IT services.

Our Services

Global systems provides a complete range of Services designed to satisfy Airports and Airlines requirements

Audit & Consulting

We are able to assist your during Audit phases for your old solutions, and our Consultant can assist you during the selection and the implementation of an optimal solution and configuration, as well during the development of business case models to demonstrate quick returns on investment.

Project Management

We use project management methodologies based on the industry best practices and quality & business excellence models such as Six Sigma.


We help our clients to Integrate an innovated and adaptable solutions to their needs. We ensure the entire integration and implementation project life cycle during the integration phase of solutions chosen by our clients.

Support and Maintenance

We propose a dedicated support and maintenance services available 24/24 & 7/7.

Our Solutions

Global Systems is the ideal partner for all Airports wishing to reach high levels of Quality and Operational Excellence

PACSS - Passengers Automatic Control Security Systems

PACSS makes sure, through biometric controls, that the individual boarding on the aircraft is the one who performed the check-in procedure and is the same person who has been successfully cleared by all controls, including border control. It relies on four security phases: document authentication, biometric identification, database comparison and profile rules application.

E-gate - Fast-Track

Fast-track is an automated solution for identity control (Biometric, finger print,...) of passengers and airport & airlines staff, to allow them accessing to free and immigration zones within airports, ports and terrestrial borders. This feature-rich solution enables for identity recognition based on individual's characters that can be simple or combined.

Resource Management System — RMS

RMS is a global solution for the management and optimisation of airport resources. This solution allows for the entire management of resources as well as the individual traceability of each one, such as staff, check-in and check-in means, gates, carousels, coaches, tow and de-icing trucks, in order to use them effectively and efficiently.

Flight Information display System — FIDS

FIDS is a networked and integrated solution of tele-display panels that allows for real time communication of information and changes in relation to flights. This solution is an indispensible communication tool, to airports authorities and airlines, to keep passengers well informed.