FIDS - Flight Information Display System

  • Our FIDS Solution, combines server & operating system performance. The system provides high-quality graphical display capabilities and operates a variety of display technologies including LED, LCD, plasma, split-flap and monitor displays.

    Content Management
    Our FIDS solution has an integrated Content Management module. This module can display every kind of graphic content. This modern container at the highest level has layouts and portlets that have their own customizable templates.
    GLOBAL SYSTEMS FIDS has a sophisticated display device management. This pushes the product to support all type of display devices:
    • CRT monitors
    • LCD flat panels
    • Plasma displays
    • LED Boards
    • Split-Flap Display

Seasonal Flight Management

Our Seasonal Flight Management module let users enter the scheduled flight data easily and conveniently. Once the seasonal flight schedule is entered, the system processes the scheduled data, creates active flight information and delivers the active flight data automatically to active flight schedule according to a pre-defined interval periodically.